Improving the water efficiency of small community water systems and farms across the planet could more than double the amount of water available for delivery to communities and drastically reduce local energy use.

The value of water conservation and the need for more innovative water management strategies has never been more apparent.

Our Community Water Share program has been created as a not-for-profit initiative that uses your financial support to deliver water efficiency improvements to local farm irrigation systems and water loss management solutions to local communities.

Your financial support of our work gives you the truly unique opportunity to counterbalance (offset) your own daily water consumption. With your support, we will complete projects near your home or workplace that will save an amount of water equal to the amount of water that you consume in a typical day, effectively negating your impact on the local water resources.

On average, municipalities are losing approximately 20% of all water sent into the distribution system through uncontrolled leaks in aging and stressed infrastructure. In Canada alone, this water loss has been estimated to equal hundreds of millions of litres each day.

Not only is this water loss a needless waste of a precious resource, it is also important to consider the wasted energy required to pump and treat that volume of water, only to be poured into the ground where it will remain locked in the soil, unusable for decades.

In order to better accommodate the water loss management needs of small municipalities, the Water Loss Initiative will generate third party funding to provide:

FREE pilot district meter area studies

FREE on-site, hands-on education for municipal Operations staff

FREE quantification and pinpointing of existing leakage within the study area

In the process of completing just one Municipal water loss management project, it is possible for us to recover more than 100,000 litres of water per day. This water is no longer being wasted each day and is now returned to the community water supply for future use. That amount of water is equal to the daily consumption of nearly 300 Canadians.

Agricultural use of water accounts for nearly 70% of all water used throughout the world, and the majority of this water is used for irrigation. With a growing world population, expected to increase by 2 billion people by the year 2030, agriculture needs to find a way to use less water or to use water more efficiently.

Considerable water savings can be achieved through the use of the best management practices and up-to-date watering techniques such as smart sprinkler controllers and drip irrigation which can help to increase crop productivity and decrease the volume of irrigation water required by more than half.

In order to improve the operational efficiency of local farms and to realize a large volume water savings, the Water Loss Initiative will generate third party funding to provide:

FREE crop irrigation system audits

FREE irrigation system efficiency retrofits and modifications

FREE on-site, hands-on education for property staff of new systems maintenance and operation

In the process of completing just one farm irrigation efficiency project, it is possible for us to conserve thousands of litres of water per day. This water is no longer being lost each day to overwatering or evaporation and is now returned to the community water supply for future use.

By providing the Water Loss Initiative with skilled manpower, technical equipment and financial support the companies below have shown a significant commitment to water conservation.  Together we ensure that small municipalities and our industrial partners benefit from the water efficiency industry’s best management practices.  A listing of supporters is provided below, in alphabetical order.

Enviro-Stewards Inc. is an international environmental consulting firm focused on water efficiency, pollution prevention (P2), energy efficiency (E2), sustainable development, and treatment process design.  Our international development work includes construction of an orphanage and sustainable drinking water treatment projects in Sudan and earthquake relief in El Salvador.  Enviro-Stewards is a committed delivery partner of Water Loss Initiative projects.  For more information on Enviro-Stewards please visit

Hetek is dedicated to the supply of quality services and products for the conservation of our natural resources and for the protection of our ecosystem. It is our goal to develop highly qualified staff and to equip them with state-of-the-art instrumentation in order to meet this objective. By so doing, we provide our clients with services and products of the highest quality. Our support of the Water Loss Initiative reflects our commitment to these principles.

Resource Management Strategies Inc. is a dedicated group providing project management and specialist consulting services to governments, utilities and engineering firms of all sizes.  Our team has been responsible for developing and delivering award winning water efficiency research, planning and program implementation for communities across the globe.  RMSi is a committed delivery partner of Water Loss Initiative projects.  For more information on RMSi please visit

SMART Watering Systems specializes in landscape water use audits and the implementation of advanced control systems that help eliminate water waste.  With over 20 years combined experience in the irrigation industry, our clients receive practical recommendations and conservation solutions to water waste problems.  SWS is proud to partner with the Water Loss Initiative and it’s partners to help preserve our most valuable resource, Water. Visit for further information.

Veritec Consulting Inc. is a leading engineering firm providing demand side management and system optimization service. Our focus is on leading edge technology and approaches in water efficiency measures and water loss reduction to reduce the strain on our valuable water resource. We are proud to be an implementation partner to the Water Loss Initiative.

WaterPlan is the leading provider of volumetric offset credits. We work with clients to improve their internal water efficiency and to balance what remains by matching their unavoidable daily use with a local or international offset credit generating project. We are pleased to include the Water Loss Initiative in our portfolio of projects.

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